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Blue Seas AC Main Circuit Breaker Panel
Features double pole AC main circuit breaker. Reverse polarity indicating LED and safety ground screw on panel back. 3.75"H x 2.625"W.
Blue Sea 8085 AC Source Selectors + 12 Positions/DC Main + 7 Positions. Includes set of 30 common AC and 30 common DC labels, All AC and DC buses installed, fully pre-wired, Label backlighting pre-installed, All LEDs installed. Maximum panel Amperage-100 Amperes DC - 50 Amperes AC.

AC Features
Red reverse polarity indicating LED
Ready for installation of optional 4029 AC Isolation Cover (2 required)
9353, 0-150 Volt AC Voltmeter
9630, 0-50 Amp AC Ammeter

DC Features
100 Amp C-Series circuit breaker provides main circuit protection and switching for DC branch circuits
8003, 8-16 Volt DC Voltmeter
Owner upgradeable to 24 Volts with 8240, 18-32 Volt DC Voltmeter

AC Positions Source Selectors+12
DC Positions Main+7
AC Volts 120
DC Volts 12
Height 10"Width 14.75"
Installed AC Circuit Breakers (2)30A, (9)15A Installed DC
Circuit Breakers (1)100A, (4)15A

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