Groco Pressure Storage Tanks #PST-3A

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  • A pneumatic pressure charge, matched to the pump cut-on pressure prevents waterloggingby separating the air charge from system waterpressure with a rubber bladder.
  • The result is smooth pressure delivery, eventemperature mix in showers, and reduced pumpcycling.
  • Tanks may be mounted in any position andanywhere in the cold water plumbing afterthe pump.
  • PST tanks may be used for fresh or salt water.
  • Mount hardware is included.
  • Pipe connection 3/4".
  • Drawdown is measured with 20 PSI air charge and with 40 PSI system water pressure.
  • 2.7 Gal, 15" Diam., 3/4" NPT, 30/50 Drawdown: 3.2 Gal., Stand Mount

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