Seaview Pma57m1blk 5"" Mount Aft Rake Requires Plate Black

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Seaview PMA57M1BLK 5"" Black Aft Leaning Modular Mount

Model: PMA57M1BLK
  • Fits 18" - 25" closed dome radars
  • Fits 16" diameter or smaller satdomes

Seaview mounts will properly elevate your electronics to eliminate interference, safely clear those on board and encourage longevity of the electronics

Unlike any other mount available, Seaview takes the finish to another level. We Chem-Film (same process used by Boeing) each high grade aluminum part prior to our standard 3 part epoxy prime and powder coat to ensure the best possible finish and corrosion resistance.

Compact Seaview mounts help you get all of your marine electronics with one simple solution. Small footprints and one center hole for wiring point of entry.

Our Robotic Welding provides maximum efficiency while producing consistently superior welds. The Lincoln Fanuc 55E Single Station, AM120iC/12L with 6 axis robotic arm and 2 axis turntable was specifically programmed to weld our Seaview products.

This robot is operated by our very experienced welding team, manufacturing our Seaview products for stock, commercial and military applications including OEM parts.

Simple 3 step system to choose your Seaview mount and accessories. 1. Pick Mount Style 2. Select Top Plate 3. Choose Accessories

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