West System 105 Epoxy Resin

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#105 Resin is the base material in the WEST SYSTEM® family of products, on which all of the possible WEST SYSTEM® compounds are built. The resin is a clear, light-amber, low-viscosity liquid epoxy resin. It is a formulated resin designed specifically to wet-out and bond with wood fiber, fiberGlass and a variety of metals. With roller applications, it possesses excellent thin-film characteristics in flowing out and selfleveling without fisheyeing. It can be cured in a wide temperature range and can be sanded and shaped afterwards. The resin cures quite clear so that you can achieve a natural finish by coating with varnish. It has a relatively high flash point, which makes it safer to work with than polyesters. Makes an excellent adhesive when mixed with WEST SYSTEM® fillers to reduce sag and bridge voids. Viscosity is approximately 600 cps at 70°F. Order optional #301 Mini Pumps for accurate, easy dispensing.

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